Our Story

The Sweet Life from our farms to you
Sweet Nectar was born out of nature and out of the idea that wellness is achieved through the nature. We provide exceptional quality full spectrum organic hemp products for sale from organic farms in the United States with seed to sale clarity.

We believe that plants can provide people The Sweet Life.

Each and everyone of us rely on the earth's natural resources and plant life for a balanced ecosystem, climate, and humanities wellness. It is our mission to preserve organic agricultural lands, heal through nature, and create pure products that have a wide range of use for those who are in need.
All of our CBD products are sourced from a controlled, certified organic, regulated industrial hemp supply that is consistently tested for the presence of microbes, pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, and synthetic chemical fertilizers. Our CBD oils – as well as our capsules– are legal in all 50 U.S. states and can be used in foods and/or as nutritional supplements.

We have embraced the evolution of alternative medicine and have found healing and wholeness on a plant-based path to recovery. From seed to your finished product we source premium plant genetics, employ solvent free extraction methods and optimize delivery systems to help you enjoy the total plant broad spectrum purity from our products.

Seed To Sale 

From our strict certified organic practices on farm to our premium broad spectrum products we utilize only premium non-gmo, vegan cruelty-free, organic, third-party lab verified ingredients that we are proud to deliver to your home. 

Sweet Nectar utilizes organic sun grown hemp rich in cannabinoids, pure and pesticide-free, made to help you Live The Sweet Life. 
The Sweet Life - Sweet Nectar CBD