Seed to Sale

Seed to Sale Tracking - Sweet Nectar CBD
Our 6 step process ensures true transparency in the production of our products from our organic certification to our strategic partnership with a trusted hemp processor we are taking the steps to be a leader in this industry.
  1. Sweet Nectar has the first certified organic Texas grown hemp plants that our federally compliant at <0.3% THC and our final product is remediated to have zero THC
  2. Sweet Nectar has a strategic partnership with a hemp manufacturing facility, that specializes in good manufacturing practices, and is a certified organic processor of our hemp. The production is standardized and without synthetic additives.
  3. As soon as our compliant hemp is grown to full term it is harvested and dried at optimal conditions.
  4. NHS has a proprietary process that produces the highest quality, cannabinoid rich oil

    in the world. This procedure creates a purified product without the introduction of solvents throughout the entirety of the process. Our hemp is tracked from start to finish and a COA is produced batch by batch

  5. Quality control is crucial and each batch is analysed separately from NHS in a third party lab certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture. If the batch meets our standards then it is released by our quality control manager.
  6. Sweet Nectar stands for safety, quality, and effectiveness. Through our Seed to Sale system we ensure our products are only sold through select distributors and with the appropriate verifications and highest standards.